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Tips for New Moms (and Dads)

One piece for babies: This is one of the most versatile pieces of a baby’s wardrobe. After the birth, we use it during the day and night. When they grow up, a little more, its has more usability on the nights they’re great as pajamas. My favorite model is one with the zipper because is more practical to close (especially when it comes to newborn babies, which we should change the diaper in the middle of the night).


Momยดs Bag: Although quite common, the challenge here is to know the right model for your needs. Many mothers today, have changed the traditional bag per the backpack, which increases practicality and looks fashion.


Portable changing mat: Momยดs Bags, normally comes with changing mat, but these are not the best option because of they are too small and do not protect the baby in case we should change the diaper it in public places. Try to find largest and dynamic models, some include damp cloth holders and have storage space for diapers, and other utensils.


Microwave Bottle Sterilizer: Sterilizing baby bottles is very important in the first few months of the baby’s life. There are some doctors who even suggest that mom’s need to continues be done by the time the baby uses a bottle. Some people still sterilizing using a pan with hot water, but I do not recommend it because is time-consuming and can be dangerous. Using the microwave, you only need two minutes, besides, and have no necessities for extra space.


Sleep sack or wearable blanket: When babies are young, the use of blankets should be avoided because small ones can suffocate them, then when they grow up, who says they get covered? To solve these two cases, the sleeping bags are the best solution. Versatile these allies of moms have several options of size, brands, and materials.


Baby Formula Dispenser: When we go out, it is best to take the measurements that will be used to prepare the baby’s bottle. Simpler and practical than carrying the milk cans and other things. The Baby Formula Dispenser is a great helper of any the modern mother.


Waterproof Baby Bibs with Food Catcher Pocket: When babies are in the begin of eating process, it’s vital to have a good product that is easy to clean and durable. The Waterproof Baby Bids, are very important in the day to day of feeding your baby.


I hope you have enjoyed these tips. Please, share your opinions and ideas here, and help others new moms with your experience.

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