Handmade Pet Bed

Who owns a pet knows the importance of offering a reserved place for them. Beds can create an excellent feeling for your little friend and be part of the decoration. Its offer the feeling of safety and comfort and will be the dog’s and cat’s favorite place throughout the house.

For older or needier pet, orthopedic beds help maintain health or assist in relieving pain and discomfort.

The pet’s bed represent one protection for your furniture. So, your animal will have an alternative beyond the sofa.

The bedding for the rest should be placed in a quiet area and without much noise, hallways and areas near the doors need to be avoided. Choose one place where you will stay most of the time, so you will have your best friend around you more often.

There are several styles of bed: quilted or non-zippered beds, suspended from the floor, plastic with a cushion in the middle and beds that are also very comfortable because some pets love to feel protected.


The Crafts Feelings model is beautiful and unique and attend all necessities of your pet and will be one piece of craft art in your house or apartment.


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