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Newborn, New Life and New Perspectives

A newborn reflects changes and opportunities to share love and friendship.

As soon as born one baby, it is common that relatives, neighbors, and friends, want to visit you, to see the new family member, and give to you guys, all the attention, and care.

Because of these, nowadays, it became popular the preparation of some specials maternity souvenir to gift these distinguished guests during the first month of the child’s life.

Normally, the pregnant takes all responsibility for these gifts. However, the lasts weeks of pregnancy are more difficult because of the natural symptoms of the moment.

A cute souvenir and something which I love is the personalized decorative hand towel. They are making a great success in this kind of occasion.

Below are some inspiring images.








Enjoy this idea and give one unforgettable gift to those who share with you the first moments of your newborn.

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