How to set up informal dinning table

Many people have questions about how to set up a dinner table. The questions are many… What is the position of the cups and cutlery? When should the sousplat be used? Should the napkin stand on the plate or only on the side?

Of course, we have the formal format to do, but today we will talk about things more usual like day to day.


1-The blade of the knife always stays inside

2-All cutlery is placed in the order they will be used, from the outside to the inside

3-The cup (or glass) of water is always aligned with the main dish knife

4-The napkin can stand on the plate

5-The sousplat should be removed from the table at dessert time

It seems complicated but looks at the table that I always prepare in my house as it looks beautiful and super usual.



I love “wearing my home” with cute things. If you like it too, make yours quote. All the pieces are made by me.

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I hope you like =)


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