A little about myself

What say about this wonderful Earth?
Many great places, developed and growing countries. Others not so much.
I hope that everyone lives a dignified life as soon as possible.

Thinking about this a year ago I changed my life as well as another foreigner going to Canada.
My country of origin is wonderful and has a unique beauty, but corruption is still part of everyday life that does not let us go ahead happy and satisfied.

Restarting is never easy, but when we are together with our partner (in my case my husband) things get easier, yes.
Of course starting a new job here is also not easy, but to be able to do what you love and still in Canada I confess that it is very wonderful.

I dedicate myself to the crafts and my sewing here is even more pleasurable than in my country.

That we can all make this Earth so wonderful every time to become more pure and kind as it deserves.

This photo was taken by me at High Park in Toronto 2016



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