FoodSafe tips

Today the tip is about FoodSafe

There are several factors that make our food contaminate and cause us diseases and discomfort (foodborne illness).

The main ones are Temperature and Time:

Temperature – The temperature range between 5C and 60C (40F and 140F) is referred to as the DANGER ZONE, where harmful bacteria can multiply rapidly. Temperatures below 5C or above 60C will slow or stop bacteria growth. Temperature control is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of foodborne illness caused by bacteria

Time – Bacteria grow by multiplying. When a small number of pathogens are present in food, the risk is usually low. However, when higher risk food are left in the DANGER ZONE those pathogens multiply rapidly. Restricting the amount of time that foods are left in the DANGER ZONE will help to reduce the risk


So for your safety let the food stored in the refrigerator in the temperature below 4C and when it is to heat food, make sure that it will be above 60C

If food is left after a meal, immediately store it in the refrigerator, even if it is hot, never wait to cool naturally before placing it in the refrigerator, as it will remain in the danger zone for a long time.

I hope you enjoyed the tips I learned in aย foodsafeย course.


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