Vinegar´s tips

The tip for today is about cleaning and a darling product for the woman who likes to take care of the house: the vinegar.

Yes, for those who do not yet know, the vinegar besides being used in food, has different functions in cleaning, as it is effective to eliminate mold, bacteria, and germs because of its high acidity. Cleaning with white vinegar is a way of avoiding the use of chemicals, in addition to saving your money.

On the internet, we find several ways to use it, but today I’ll tell you a bit about my experience and how I use it in my day.

I use a spray bottle containing the same amount of water for the same amount of vinegar, in this case, half of each to fill my spray.


➤ Clean the fridge

Yes, I have been doing this for a long time and I love it, I think that the vinegar, besides taking the odor off, cleans well, taking all the dirt out.


➤ Stove

My stove is also cleaned with vinegar too. It is great for removing grease and leaving the stove clean.

➤ Bathroom stall

Just like in the fridge, everything that has the glass I love to use the vinegar and my bathroom stall is not left out. It removes all dirt from the splashing water when we take a shower.

➤ Furniture and Kitchen counter

I love to pass this vinegar mix with water in my furniture too, in the lighter wood part it also leaves everything very clean and that on my kitchen counter I use it daily in my granite.

So, after I started to use I could not stop anymore, I confess that when I lived in Brazil that is my home country, I used it, but the mix was different, I used half vinegar and half alcohol that is quite a product Popular used in cleaning and that along with the vinegar made everything wonderful.

But in Canada I did not find the alcohol, I had to change and mix with water because really the vinegar is a very versatile product and I’m in love.

I hope you have enjoyed the tips that work with me and tell me if you have any cleaning tips.

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