Passport to a new life

In Canada, whenever we meet someone, the first question is where are you from? Because here 50% of the population is foreign.
And of course I am one too, I came from Brazil in May 2016 and when they ask me if it was difficult to change my country and leave the family, I say no.

For me it was not, and not because I do not love them, on the contrary. I’m going in search of a better quality of life and having my husband by my side everything becomes easier.
Canada is a wonderful country just like Brazil is very beautiful too. But security, honesty, and other things, just Canada have. And because of this made me want to stay here and live a quiet life.

And about you? Do you have any history related to your passport? Let me know.

I hope you liked it and come back  =)



3 thoughts on “Passport to a new life”

  1. Wish you happy landings in Canada. It seems one of the last remaining pristine places. I’ve heard they are so conscious of environmental protection that have regulations and laws on use of aerosol sprays!! Kudos to them

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