Welcome to my blog, my little corner made with love to talk about everything related to Crafts and I will also show several products that I make to sell.

The history of Craft begins in the world with the history of man, since the need to produce goods of utilities and routine use, expressed the creative and productive capacity as a way of working.

The first man-made objects were handmade. This can be identified when man learned how to polish the stone, make the pottery, and discovered the weaving technique of animal and vegetable fibers.

From the 19th century, Crafts were then concentrated in spaces known as workshops, where a small group of apprentices lived with the master craftsman, holder of all technical knowledge. It offered, in exchange for cheap and faithful labor, knowledge, clothing, and food. Corporations of Craft were created, organizations that the masters of each city or region formed in order to defend their interests.

I feel honored to do Crafts and I have passion for each piece. My specialty is “Dress our house” with pieces to use in the kitchen, in the living room and make your home more beautiful.

I hope you like it, come visit me always, share the contents with people who also like and of course follow me through social media:

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